A letter for Izzuddin

21 March

Dear Izzuddin,
The truth is that would be a bit fake from me to pretend that I do not find it difficult to wish you this message, although the end of a relationship can make us go through moments of great pain, anguish and sadness, like everything in life, eventually it passes and we wake up realizing that we are better off this way and that, while not great together, can we run better individually.
I want you to know that you can always count on me, because you are very special to me and I know about the human qualities that you possess. Besides from that, today is your birthday and I think that there is no better reason to celebrate in a big way, enjoying together with your family and celebrating with friends. I know how much you like being surrounded by people you appreciate, so I know that you will have a great time.
Although we are done as a couple, I still think many things were left unsaid and I would like to express myself. I want to thank you for everything you gave me, because with you I learned many things, including parts of me I never saw and have made me a better person. 
Never change, because there are few men like you and I know you will soon find a woman able to take care of ​​you, someone you too can appreciate.
Have a wonderful time, happy birthday.
#ps:I was so happy before I met you, I thought you were the man of my life, but I made a big mistake with you, you were the worst of all, I will never love anybody else again. Breaking up is never easy, but I think we made the best decision for both of us. I hope that you read this letter someday. No words can describe my feeling towards  this tough time.

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