08 January

That’s me being super psyched because this year is going to be all kinds of AWESOME! OK, so I know I said I’m not really into New Year’s resolutions. Call me a big fat liar, because I DO have a resolution this year!

The only one has to do with bullies. We all know Dira can make my life MISERABLE at times. You know how I’m always saying things in my head so no one hears them but me? NOT THIS YEAR! If Dira gets all up in my face, I will NOT sink to her level. I’m a nice girl! But I am definitely going to tell her what’s what. I am NOT her doormat, and she CANNOT walk all over me!
In fact, I’m not cool with her walking all over anyone! Maybe I’ll get super serious about fighting bullying, kind of like a superhero fights crime.
I could lurk in the corners so I can catch her right before she does something HORRIBLE to some other innocent people. Seriously, I’ve seen her make people stressed out.

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