Where is the love ?

20 November

Hey korang,assalamualaikum...
For today, I want to update a little about the world. Korang try to listen to this song.

This song describes events happening now and the past world war, like the war on terror and terroristic threats, as well as talking about the threats and things people live through every day, such as killing, fighting, abuse, and many other negative things.

I also believe this song is about the sense of materialism that the world is getting stronger and stronger about every day. We, as people, care more about money and things more than beliefs, culture, and politics. Freedom is the right of individuals to act as they choose. Our freedom is taken away from us though when terrorism strikes. 
But if you only have love for your own raceThen you only leave space to discriminateAnd to discriminate only generates hateAnd when you hate then you're bound to get irate, yeah

That's the part of the lyric which it has a really deep meaning behind. I really like this song, and it has a really good meaning behind it.I literally have no words on what has happened, the world is a dark place.Pray for humanity...Pray for the world...Allahu

Where is the love? Where is the respect we are all told to have for each other? Where is the peace? Where is the happiness? Please thinking about people and think like human being. I hope that one day we will find happiness and peaceful life.

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