My favorite 'little things' to enjoy in life

21 March

Everything is interesting, as long as I love life. There is so much things that i want to do before comes the last day of my life. It's just a little things to make me enjoy in life. Happiness comes from a very little things right.

  1. Walking out in the dark of night, to a nearby field and gaze at the sky for an hour is one of those precious moments I sometimes have.Looking up at the stars, seeing more and more pop up as your eyes adapt to the darkness. It is one experience everyone should have, and almost everyone have the opportunity to do.
  2. Walking in a rain like nothing happens, when everyone run towards the wall to hide themselves from wetting.
  3. Feeling the ocean gently breaking at your feet and the sand slowly fading away with each wave as it passes.
  4. Walking on an empty street dead into the night with the world asleep and only a few stray dogs for company. (stray dogs also exist in uitm near Melati,i often saw them.hahaha)
  5. Spending time in some park all alone. Reliving my own childhood watching kids play with their parents chasing them all around. Watch the sun go down.
  6. Taking a bus somewhere. Anywhere. I just leave for random trips on an impulse. It is crazy. But it's me. Decide I need to travel. Pick a destination and just leave.
  7. Eating raw maggi (Ruski TomYam) dead into the night with friends when everything's closed.
  8. Collecting Shell, snails, sandstone and debris on the beach.
  9. Stepping on dry leaves and hearing that crunchy sound. Everytime i go back from the class,i'll always do it along the pathway. Sounds good like imma eating master potato.nyummnyumm
  10. The smell outside a bakery, petrol, old books, smell of the earth after it rains. It's weird but totally awesome for me.
Certainty is a wonderful little thing to have and appreciate and I'm grateful for it.

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