Sunset Hike!

20 March

This round, I will introduce a very leisure place for hiking in Perak! Bukit Batu Suloh, a place well-known by almost hikers for its nice sunset view. For those are not familiar with this place, it is located at Ulu Kinta, Perak. Bukit Batu Suloh is also close to Hutan Lipur Lata Hulu Kinta and the main road to Gunung Korbu.

This time around, I did something different. I went for Batu Suloh sunset hike for the first time!! I'm very thankfull to Puan Minn Yusoff for asking me to join her on this awesome trips. Thanks to Uzaer for being our mountaineer.

We arrived Kampung Orang Asli Ulu Suluh by 5.55 p.m. We started out with tar road from the parking area. It is quite short and it's relatively easy. To reach the peak, there are only a route starting from Kebun Getah Kampung Orang Asli Suluh and slightly going upward into the mossy forest.

On the first checkpoint, we can enjoy the view of Sultan Azlan Shah Dam. It's took up to 20-30min from the checkpoint and you will reach the final part of hike before reaching the peak.The trail is also relatively easy, a little bit up and a little bit of down.No worries of being lost at all as the trail can be clearly seen.  

It is a wall of big rocks, hence a little bit of rock climbing is required. But again, no worries! It is a very easy climb but you much watch your step while climbing. Finally we're at the peak. Breathtaking view, and you can definitely get worth of photo. As the space up here is limited, so be extra careful when taking photos.Better safe than sorry.

Hiking up took around 45 minutes to 1 hour, depends on your stamina.By 6.45pm or so we've reached the peak of Bukit Batu Suloh.. There are 3 peaks, we stopped at the third one for the best sunset view. The first one is for the best Sultan Azlan Shah Dam view. 
As the watch hit 7.10pm, we started to descent as it's getting dark. It is a totally different experience ascending n broad daylight and descending in the dark at Bukit Batu Suloh. A new place and a whole new experience.


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