Unpleasant fact

29 May

He was everything i ever wanted in a man. He came into my life at a very fragile time, and soon discovered that loving a conscious woman is hard work. I wanted simple, however, the new me and the life I was leading was far from simple. But i couldn’t love him enough. The timing was wrong. After sometime I fell in love with him and thereafter things turned out to be so bad so he quit what we had. 

Honestly, i never knew i'd end up liking him this much. I found the right one at the wrong time i guess and that’s okay. I have come to accept it, and hope that someday, maybe somehow, we’ll meet again. Sooner or later. Sadly, i cannot tell my heart when to stop beating for the person who don't really care for me anymore.It's hurt, and it's okay. I'm used to it. One thing is infinitely certain: he will forever be the one who woke me up, and for that, I will always love him.

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