17 February

It have been 3 months since the broke up. How fast can it be Hahaha. But even now, i'm stay still questioning myself. So so many question that i'm talking to myself , loudly it screaming in my head. But  I know you can't hear me any more and any longer. There's so much to tell you and most of it still remain the stories about us. But I know that you can't hear me anymore. Isn't it ?

What words that I should said to you ? Sometimes I was been okay and sometimes i'm not,feel like I drown in all te regrets but I can't take back the words I never said. Always talking shit,took your advice and did it. Sometime it was like being young and stupid. I had been all that you could have hoped for but if you had held on a little longer,you had more reasons to be proud. I hope so.

The longer I stand here,The louder the silence.I know that you're gone but sometimes I swear that I hear your voice when the wind blows and so I talk to the shadows hoping you might be listening 'cos I want you to know that I still into you. Always

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