My insane experience at Bukit Tabur

27 August

Okay here's my first time doing Hill Reviews. haha! pfft hill reviews.. to more hills this year? lol... not after I've climbed this one. LOLApalah ni...Member aku,Qila sibuk nak make up, hiking also wanna put make up. BUT CHILL LA PEOPLE! it's just put some of sunplay! excuse me ! lol . Just another tragic news hit the net about Bukit Tabur (this hill), a few years ago an Indian girl at the age of 25 DIED there .WHO KNOWS HOW MANY OTHER UNREPORTED DEATHS OCCURRED HERE RIGHT?! Even experienced trekkers fall and break their bones, some even caused death, and I was just a starter.... Of course I didn't acknowledge this fact BEFORE I decided (dipengaruhi Yan) to give this hill a try, Ammar and the geng dah macam kasi hint abt that hill,tapi kitorang tak peduli pun. Silly me, I felt so small and vulnerable tho... .__.

By the way, Bukit Tabur is 10x more extreme than Broga Hill (if you've been there before). I never tried climbing Broga Hill before but that's what my friend's say. I've never hike up Broga Hill before, and I've never tried rock climbing in my life before, and I decided to take on this extreme Hill for hiking. Am i idiot or just plain daring?  LOL. I told my father I went hiking, but I didn't tell him about how it went....And so,i didn't told my mom yet. if she knew she would scold me... LoL

So here is my documentary of my experience at Bukit Tabur, it's insane I tell you. Okay this is not my first time hiking, but this time was an unexpected trips u know. So I didn't really prepare the outfit. And i don't even know what to wear thus I'm at my babe's home. I just go to "pasar malam" and buy some long pants. At first I was wearing sweatshirt (like really hot lah) so my  babe borrowed me her jersey. And thank god because omg, I can't imaging if I wore that sweatshirt to hike up.

We left our homes about 2:00 am in the morning, so basically we had to stay up! (ni semua idea si Yan) I couldn't sleep that night tho . Pergi kutip member-member.First kutip Azam then Qila pastu Ammar. Suddenly,Botak told us to join the trips cause of dia balik kerja awal. Disebabkan awal sangat,we olls pergi lepak dekat mamak area Melawati. Chaitt time tu la nak kenalkenal each other. P/S i've never know them except my babe (Yan). Okay enough for babling around.

Reached the destination at about 5am, and we officially started hiking up at 5.30am... Here we go people! It was absolutely pitch dark, the moonlight was covered by the tress so we need to rely on torchlights, actually we don't even bring torchlight,so we got to used our smartphones. Apparently mine was the brightest, so everyone practically had to rely on my flashlight. I was holding the trees up for the few thousand steps hiking up, making sure I don't slip and fall cause it was quite slippery,

7"30 am view.... just incredible. Look at the clouds floating above the lake. 
so we were practically hiking Genting Highlands.... damn hardcore!! 
They're the ones who decided to carry the heavy dslr to capture our trip to Bukit Tabur. THANK YOU GUYS! 

it was kindda cold .

seeking peace at this height... Loving the fluffy clouds

finally a spot to rest and to take it all in.way for me to remind myself I'm one with nature.

Look from the back mountain, this is how high we've hike, after...2 hours? to enjoy the morning sunrise.

I love these candid pictures of us having a great time!
This is actually such a great friendship photo. I love it! 

OKAY GUYS, so if anyone of you reading wants to climb and hike Bukit Tabur, make sure you take ultra good care of yourself.After the hike,my muscles were sooooo sore... especially my thighs, can't even squat can't even walk down and up the stairs without hugging the handling bar.can't even go to the toilet without the support of your arms!! My arms were so sore too.Especially the shoulders, omg, I sound like a total bimbo now, but gosh I could use a nice massage.

And that's my experience hiking Bukit Tabur guys.Seriously I can't help but emphasize, PLEASE BE CAREFUL if you decide to go give it a try.6 long hours of constant hiking really did made me so exhausted. But I feel soo good right now.

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