liberty ii

09 November

"I have a boyfriend! Finally!" I said gleefully to my other close friends as i flaunt my new found heart throbs, Nash. Now he was somebody that i used to know. I'd had been move on with him past few years. Yes i'm done.

Flashback stories

I hear some of my friend swore under then breath others swoon and wooed either from my guy is just that dreamy.

And in poof of dreamy, i was transported to another section of my memories. Where my heart, my body, myself bleed. The dreamboat i was in had sunk, the angel i thought would be my everything turn out to be my morning light, my lucifer, my betrayer.

How did i end up myself in this mess ? "I need money. Now" with such command and arrogance he ordered me around.Who does he think he is ? His money bank ? Once i saw the true version of him in all his glory i realized how i detest men who see women as unequal to be as good as them.

Silence is the only thing i can manage to conjure. Broken me into million little depressed pieces he had. I felt myself being pathetic. Being used. HOW MAN CHANGES. After a year he texting me and tell me that karma does his work. Probably the rehab. Serves him right. What a pathetic excuse of man.

I had my time..This time i choose what liberty means to me. This is my choice. And nobody can say otherwise..and yes, they can talk, but i would keep on walking and improving the best way i know how. This is my liberty.

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