18 April

Today was my birthday. When I checked up my phone, absolutely no one wished me a happy birthday, which made me feel so sad that I hid in a bedroom and cried. Eventho i'm turnin' 20 years old, i still feeling sad. 

But then,my phone beeping,a big smile from my face. I really wish that text are fron Izzuddin. But, i was wrong. It is from my friend, Akim. Like seriously, i feel so sad that no words can describe that feeling. Acap pun seems macam lupa juga. Waa sedihnya. 

Lepas tu ada la wishes dari a few of my classmates and bestie masa sekolah dulu. Even my parents pun lupa. Emm what to do ?  My sisters wish me at 1 a.m where I wanna go to sleep. But then,i scroll my wechat, OMG!! Izzuddin just post a comment, "hb sis" Ummm there is nothing i can do but only tears could express that feeling. Last but not least,he still wishing me happy birthday.

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