I Broke My Phone

07 April

The worst thing in the whole history of the universe has happened!!

 I might have said that before but this time I REALLY mean it!!!
You are NOT going to believe this…
Notice how I said ‘my phone broke’ and NOT ‘I broke my phone’?? That’s because it was TOTALLY not my fault!!
I’m not going into details about exactly what happened. It’s too traumatic. Let’s just say it involved the other girl at night market. Who's just stab at my back while I want to kept my phone in the pocket. Then my phone going to bouncing like TOING..TOING... in front of my eyes.
When I say it broke, I mean SERIOUSLY. The screen is shattered into a zillion trillion pieces. And this is the worst part—my parents say if I want it fixed, I have to pay for it!! Is that not the most unfair thing you’ve EVER heard??? It’s MORE THAN RM 200!!!!
My wallet is totally empty. I know this because yesterday I went to get hair treatment with MY BESTFRIEND and I couldn’t pay. He had my back, though!!
So, I checked my SECRET STASH of funds, for emergencies like this one. I keep it in a envelope under my bed, marked EMERGENCY USED ONLY to keep out. But…there’s only RM 20 there!!
So, HOW am I going to make, like, RM 200 more!?!?!?!?

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