The worst

01 April

OMG!! The WORST thing ever in the history of the world has happened!! Final EXAM dah depan mata not around the corner anymore!!!! But I don’t started any revision. NOT AT ALL !!!!!!! Then studying with others was sometimes HUMILIATION. MY MEAN, ANNOYING.
am pretty sure this is what my lecturer means when she talks about “cruel and unusual punishment.” (REPEAT) .Because fail in a subject was very AWFUL experience at all. JUST because they weren’t studying for their examination is definitely up there.
I hate to studying by grouping (even it was a personal study). LOL!!! My friend took away my phone!!!! Can you BELIEVE that??? I get why there’s no texting while discussion. It’s distracting or whatever. But EXCUSE me!!! I was in my personal study time !! I NEED to be distracted from the KA-RAY-ZEE all around me!!!

I was minding my own business, texting Yatt and Bellaa about how we should handle last minute studying, since there’s three of us. And I GUESS Ina had been asking me to play her Plant vs Zombies video game for a while, but I was choosing not to hear her. (BTW, my friends do this selective hearing thing ALL THE TIME. But when I do it, I’m “rude” and “unkind” and “obsessed with my phone.”) So, my friends LOST THEIR MIND!!

I looked around and didn’t see anything. I’d completely forgotten about my tennis game. So I squatted down and  stared at it in wonder. I kind of wished I had my phone to take a selca of me and send it to my friends. But I didn’t have my phone. For about a minute. Then I concocted a plan to sneak back inside the ROOM without SHE noticing. HAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!

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