femininity ?

09 October

I'm talking about femininity.

Growing up, I was not feminine by any stretch of the imagination. Oh sure. Am I too masculine for a woman ? Hahaha I don't even know how to answer that question yet. But, mostly I am independent girl you know.

Since high school, I consider myself a nice girl or a brat. Okay, confession. Aku banyak buat benda bodoh masa sekolah menengah sampai lah sekarang. Jumpa pula kawan yang memang sehati sejiwa. Ye, kitorang agak lasak. But you wonder why ? It's a friendship goal.

By the time I entered university, I was THAT girl. Oh you know the kind- Messy-morning class wearing a pair of sneakers-without any make-up. But, semua tu masa first sem je and wearing sneakers tuu until now. Shoe is boring.

Time does fly by, since aku masuk sem 2, everything had changed. Tambah pula aku dapat boyfriend. Heehuu I was learn how to be feminine. But not at all. I've become a make-up expert (takde la expert pun). Learn to smell good than better. Which is belajar cari perfume yang betul dengan personaliti aku. Be outspoken and do pay attention to a little things.

 But there are certain things about myself that I cannot change. Feminin terlalu subjektif. I try to be one. But bagi setiap perempuan, feminin tu dah ada dalam diri sejak azali kan ? So, I just be me. Being a woman in my own way. I think that my body,personality and appearance are all unique to me. Instead of knocking myself down all the time, I learn to love myself and everyone else will follow. I guess I am right. So readers, don't be scared to be yourself. Haters are gonna hate whatever we do.

Let's face it. The times have changed. What was once considered feminine is now seen as patronizing and chauvinistic to many. And I kinda have to agree. Because yes, we've gone a long way before, and that is not something to be neglected or forgotten.

Still, the most important thing still stands.The choice is all yours. You're the one in charge of choosing which lifestyle is the right one for you, so it's only your concern. There's no such thing as an official femininity scale to which you have to oblige and based on which you can be rated. You are the one dictating your own rules, and you are the one who should follow them.

When it comes to being feminine, the only expectations you should live up to are your own and no one else's. So set your expectations right where they should be. Too feminine or too masculine.

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