not-so-fabulous life 2

08 October

Dear friend,
I feel really SORRY for you, because ALL you have for emotional support are your very WEIRD parents. And your lullaby nor hardcore songs.

And nobody else cares about you! Except maybe your bratty boyfriend. Gosh, maybe that will be just temporary period I guess. MAYBE, Ohh I'm very sorry to said that and probably it suits you VERY much as you attitude to others. 

But that guy ? I mean the other person. Rumor has it, that he's so OVER you! Sorry babe, but your BOO has moved on. They said pain had change people right ? And so he is.

My point is that you have no REAL friends WHATSOEVER! You just said you don't give a fuck about people. But you insanely JEALOUS with em! Compared to your LONELINESS.

Anyway, I surely recommended that you have to think outside your BOX. Learn to appreciate people who are give their worth for you. That's all babe.

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