not-so-fabulous life

08 October

Hey readers, I have no idea why I spend hours and hours typing this stupid blog of mine. But lemme guess! It's because I'm seriously need to GET A LIFE DURING SEM BREAK!!!!!

When I want to share my life experiences or vent about something, I just asking my friends but not to talk to my dearest mommy. Of course, sometimes mommy is super busy doing her work.

But when dedicated families can't spend quality time with me (which I have to admit happens for too frequently these days). I can always rely on my best friends (not to mention their name) which I have known them since middle high school. And I love em soooooo muchhhh that I can deny ~

They will listen to me patiently for an ENTIRE hour. How cool is that ? I am very lucky girl isn't it. But please don't be jealous of me okay ? Even when I don't have prosperous like you, it's okay as long I have a real friends who's be stand by me.

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