18 October

Recently I’ve been looking back on situations that didn’t go well. Whether it was relationship, friendship, or even a job, there’s something I’ve noticed. It’s a “sense.” Hmmm.
There was a time I wish no one could enter those door of my heart. For a moment, I swore to put walls up. I'm AFRAID. The poison in the words numed my body and my soul. That was the first time I had felt it with a guy named Nash. HEARTBREAK. That was my first time experience feelings something so painful, that I fell into the cycle we all DO.
After a year, I had cured myself from that syndrome. Yes I'd moved on. But, there is someone else who drived me to a better place. For, I am just a girl with a heart painted on these wall,
Of his name,And his smile.
Noooooooo..... I trusted him very much. I loved him very much until now and at the endhe failed me. AGAIN ? The WORST feelings ever ! When he wounds me in a place I am vulnerable, it is hard to HEAL. For me it took FOREVER. The pains began to breaks, yet came back with the same intensity. After more, the breaks became longer and longer. Loads of pain until now. What kind of KARMA isn't it ?
Of these walls that I painted my heart out... how come I am the betrayer?

And as such.
My silence speaks.

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